Thursday, May 22

Maami Times

Dedicated to

People who were perplexed by the weird sounding words in the blog

Maami- A matriarchal figure, noticed most importantly in TamBram functions waiting for minuscule opportunities to hatch up thayir sadam looking boys with the opposite sex. Normally seen with a list of jadagams which have candidates in categories for Thengalai, Vadagalai, US- Return, BE-MS, Ph D etc,.

Pettai- Suffix used after names of the different areas in Chennai. For eg: Saidapettai, Korukupettai.

Thayir saadam- A reference generally used for kids in TamBram families. Derived from the fact that it consists a large percentage of kids who excelled in studies and are not compatible for socialized flirting and dating. They are also found to be more family oriented and generally are very innocent and naïve.

Oppuku chapaani- Refers to those who are the one of the last to get picked up for a game- either because of their incompetencies or just for the heck of it

Erumamaadus- Representing a major portion of wildlife of C.Pettai. Are referred to in English as Buffalos. Notably found at swampy and marshy areas and are known to move in herds of 50. Major achievement- Have successfully formed a choir group called “Pettai Raps”. Concerts have been held all across C.Pettai and the band is quite famous around Chennai. Concerts are normally held in the middle of the roads and much to the delight of its fan following, has a free entry.

Veera Sagasangal- loosely translates to “The Amazing Brave Adventures”

TamBram- A clan that I think originated from the kavery delta and one which brags about being the most intelligent of all human kind. Fellow TamBrams include the confused kid from Blore and the Creator of Darth Vaadiyar.

Porikkis- The handsome guys of the city of Chennai who believe themselves to have mastered the art of flirting and imagine themselves to be drop dead gorgeous. Fact has its own version and hence, we shall leave it at that.

Aambalakamaakashi- Usually refers to women, who chose to wear trousers instead of half- sarees, did not believe in oiling the hair and most importantly, did not bother to learn cooking.

Thengalai, vadakalai- Outgrowth from TamBram. Though it isn't all, the heirarchy shall be explained at a later stage

Jadagams- That sheet of paper which decides the fate of a thayir saadam kid; to, which, whom, where, he/she shall be married off to.

Adakkam, Odukkam and Naanam- The three main ingredients required for manufacturing a perfect maami; refers to just one meaning though- a silent, petite and innocent girl

Somberi Kada- Word that is used to compare me with a sloth. Not only confined to me. Can be referred to any Tambram who wakes up after 7 AM.

Vethhal- Tambram version of Papad/ Indian Crackers

MaavuDu- Small mangoes; used for making pickles. You get them during the start of the Mango season

MaagaLi- Sarsaparilla Root; Hardly made nowadays mainly due to lovable stench that could drive away our neighbor mad

MoTTa MaaDi- Terrace; don't ask why is it called MoTTa!!

E- A venerable companion of our C.pettai erumamaadus; are minuscule and tend to be very annoying. They are referred as the “Fly”. PS: A friend of mine pointed out that when a ‘E’ sits on you, it shits; Don’t know how far this is true…!!

Paati- The main terror of our household a.k.a my granny. To write about her would drive me mad. But, ah, she will always be my darling!

JaaDi- That porcelain dish used for storing Pickles

PS: Will be updated on a regular basis on further posts.


Idling in Top Gear said...

Dear P. Maami,

Though this is a very funny and well written post, as a member of the more numerous Advaitin faction of the TamBram community, I must object to the lack of mention of the many taxonomic identifiers of "our folk" in your TamBram jadagam classification, while Vadakalai and Thenkalai have both been mentioned by name. I am sure I speak for the community of Smartists when I say that I am outraged at this gross- under-representation.

I hereby submit for your consideration the following terms in the hope that you will bring back balance to the Force by including these in the jadagam classifications:

* Vadama
* Palghat/Tanjore/Tirunelveli

Should these terms be found unacceptable, I suggest that you consult maami's from south of Mylapore - you may use the map below to find their whereabouts:

I hope you will do the needful at your earliest. Should this reasonable request be ignored, Iyers around the world shall protest by ignoring the "Achuta, Anantha, Sridhara, Rishikesha, et al" bits from our daily sandhi's.

Thanking you,

Iyer in top gear.

Yakk yakk cat said...

Respected Maami,

You seems to understand that your reader base includes "paavam" north indian girls like me. Thanks for the glossary of important terms. I am trying to speak them out but my tongue seems to get knotted.

Keep the fun rolling.


Poojitha said...

@ Idling mama,

Upon reading your request, i was terribly disappointed at my oversight. But, i would like to point out the fact that..even if i do mention, i would just stop with the terms "Iyers". this, am sure wouldn't do justice to the "your folk" as I am ignorant of its various branches. But, will surely keep in mind your points for posts in future

P.M. :D

kavitha said...

lol post maami...yo! :D

one of the madras thayir sadams studying in cali...marking attendance! :D

got her through Bikeydoode! :)

kavitha said...

oopsie... not her...i meant got here

Siddharth said...

lol ,, after the times of india in chennai u have a post ... looks everyone is gettin insecure like the hindu ,, ;)

anyway ,, seems like u have plans of launching a tamil to english dictionary ,,, ha ha ha ,,

for further info click ""

for now ,, keep up the good work ,, and be in chennai for another month ,, ha ha ha ha ha ha

Poojitha said...

@ ms.yakkity yakk- I sure am ready to teach with the words.. but, am not too sure about that "paavam" word... coz, if u r, sure the worlds best thayir saadam..

@ Kavitha-hellos and the namaskaarams maami!

@ Sid- not tamil dictionary boss.. but..sumthng like tat..and sure gna b at chennai atleast fr d next month.. thanx fr giving me company... :D

Sriram said...

maami, super post. kalakitel pongo. lol @ ambalakamaakshi.

Pettai Maami said...

Txs a lot sri mama.. U have a sooper blog urself.. Welcaaam...