Friday, January 21

Aadukalam- Worth the wait..

Its been a while since we have gotten to see such a movie.. yes.. it was a well hyped and long waited one for Dhanush who was waiting for his break. But let me tell what hooked me through- the album!! All the songs.. and I mean each and every song has magic in it. GV has done it flawlessly. I was especially stunned by the Hip hop number by Yogi B. The English version of it literally Supercool.. The whole package induced the interest for the movie’s release

And was it worth it?? Oh yes.. it totally was! This was not a movie about Dhanush’s heroics; it was rather a movie about how jealousy murders a man and chain of events it leads to. What I love about the movie apart from the technical brilliance is the powerful screenplay which keeps the viewers stuck to their streets. I do remember that till the end of first half, the audiences were watching the movie with rapt attention, just eager to watch more and more at the turn of events. There is no specific villain, Vetrimaran bluntly puts on our faces the fact- Man is his own enemy! All of the characters were shown with their own good and evil side. The rooster fights scene, which I believe were all graphic, were surreal. Kudos to the CGI team! The second half was tad too long, we could have had some more of Ratnasami’s character too..but I guess it would have just twisted things too much. The hero of the movie in my opinion is Pettaikaran (portrayed by JayaBalan) who has acted flawlessly.

On the whole, it is too good to miss the movie….i strongly recommend to everyone out there to give it a watch. Believe is WORTH IT!!!