Saturday, June 7

Satyavaan V/s Daya

Atlast I got to catch up “Anjaade” in DVD last week. I had been waiting to watch it ever since I heard “Kathaazha Kannala” on radio mirchi and by chance, in sun music. And oh! While we are at it, what is it with those so called dressing sense of those nasal voiced veejays. Am I the one who finds it really stupid and made up??!! Anyways.. back to the topic… the song, I would say was kinda alluring. It wasn’t yet another item number, and the sari that lady wore made a sexy, yet simple statement. The reviews of the movie were raving and I wanted to find out the magic of Mysskin- the director.

Well..the best part of the movie was the cinematography and the lighting. I fell in love with the fact that trailer tracks were used in most of the scenes and yet, made the camera angles look so cool. Apparently an action movie, but I never got disgusted with any gore or violence. The fight scenes were dealt in such intricate camera work, mind you, this was a low budget movie. And not in one scene did I feel so!

Next, comes the story line. The plot was neither old nor too new. It was just right. Circumstances were life like and any common man might face those. Though I did not get to become a great fan of Narain( as Satya), I did fall on for the guy who played “kiruba”. Prasanna( as Daya) was cool and his eyes spoke everything. It would have been even more perfect if he had actually grown his hair for the part, the wig was quite hideous. I wouldn’t do justice if I did not mention the memorable role played by Ponvannan as the cop. The supporting casts were refreshing and meaningful. Dialogues, short and crisp. One couldn’t really predict the way the movie was going. One refreshing police-based movie after a long time. Glad that the movie had only a few songs and did not hamper the tension it created. When the plot gets crude, the director chooses wisely to not show off but to subtly put it off as a dialogue.

The background score was enticing and moving, and was an apt contrast. Though, I am yet to research on the name of the music director, I would make sure I shall update the same here. The movie had violins and pianos crafting those scenes where you would normally expect a “dandanakka” noise in the background. The percussions helped in maintaining the seriousness of the scenes and made your heart heavy at the right times

Well, I would watch the movie again and again just for it camera nuances, lighting and the cinematography. It teaches you that the old school of cinema hasn’t died, but has re- modeled itself to perfection. Waiting for the next movie by Mysskin….

PS: Planning to watch Dasavatharam. Though a crazy fan of Kamal, I keep feeling that its gonna bomb big time… wish it doesn’t.. till then..tataas from the PM…

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Nitya said...

Gotta agree with you. This is one of the few movies in tamil were you dont need to watch some senseless humanly impossible scene where the director is desperately trying to prove to you that the hero is infact a hero . Thogh there are a few movies that have been released in the same league recently, this is one movie which i felt good, watching.