Thursday, August 28

The Stupid Six

Very emotional state of mind. Might make sense or not. Means a lot to me.
No annoying comments pl.

Long long ago, in a land far away from civilization, there lived a bunch of little kids who used to run away from their families just to spend time with each other. These kids weren’t all that bright in bringing up great ideas to escape home-boredom; but their parents understood and let them be. You had Hazel-Boy, who was the leader of the pack, very silent, and yet very sweet; never hurts people. And then comes, Giggly-Girl, who was the umpire for the pack and keeps it going. Puny-Boy and Fat-boy compliment each other with stupid jokes and annoying cricket score sthat they keep tab of. Of course, you had Maami-Girl, the ever brilliant, beautiful, energetic…er.. ok..fine.. I'll stop. God! You guys never believe me!. And Last, but not the least, was Sorna- Girl (ripped off from our Dhool movie) who posed as a terror to Maami.

So happy were the Stupid Six that they never once felt worried with what the future held for them. Times were spent by playing book cricket during rainy days, pulling out petrol plugs from vehicles, chasing juju the stray dog by tail, trying to sneak in home with muddy feet, running around the Pettai temple for no reason, maska adichifying Thaatha for his secret locker burfis, sneaking 25 paise coins to try out that stupid, shiny Hero Jet cycle from RDX cycle repair shop, “cleaning up” Chittu’s car by flooding water all over, playing Contra and Mario over and over again, whisking pakathu aathu maami’s souri-mudi and making her curse us loud….

As the years passed away, the Stupid Six had to choose between different career paths to start a whole new chapter in their lives. They now live in the corners of the world and do not even have the time to meet up for a small game of Tetris.

Maami-girl has graduated to Pettai Maami now. What she is now, wouldn’t have been without the rest of the gang. Missing them big time.

Post Dedicated to SH, PP, VRC, BN and Sorna akka SD. Muuah!! Lub ya guys…


sansmerci said...

alo mami! i gota surprise for you .. plz chek my blog :)

SR said...

Hi! I ventured into your blog thanks to merci here. I am really awed by your zest for writing and also inspired..

Pettai Maami said...

@ sr- welcum...n thnx fr dropping by! n fr the nice words..hoping they r true.. :P ..

SR said...

Of course! naan poi solla maaten :)

sansmerci said...

chek out my new blog