Friday, October 3

I am the Brillante!!!

Before I post my usual rant, let me first thank Swarna kozhande for presenting me the Brilliante Weblog. I was under the impression that this girl was one from the saner lot, but since this award episode, I had to add her to the Maami’s List of Amazingly Insane People! Well, She now qualifies for it by default…sans merci! Anyways, Thanks again. Though I wouldn’t have minded a younger introduction- PM is still young at heart!! :)

Am not too great with this tagging business..Not now..but will surely do this in future. For now, my post shall continue to be an eyesore..Bye!!

1 comment:

sansmerci said...

thanks for addin me to the insane ppl list maami ... n no offense on the age part.. it was actually a compliment :)